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The Overwhelmed Brain: Personal Growth for Critical Thinkers

This is the downloadable version of the physical book available on Amazon. I call this the A to Z of self-empowerment because it summarizes everything I believe it takes to create the life you want.

Unhappy All The Time

Do you walk around with a general sense of unhappiness? You may have used the Deep Diving Into Problems workbook to get into some specifics, but you’ll want to do these exercises to help you shake up the undertone of negative emotions that seems to always be there. When you just can’t seem to stop feeling miserable, this workbook will help you break apart the undertone and help you to connect the dots of why you’re carrying around that feeling all the time.  

deep dive into problems cover

Deep Diving Into Problems

Sometimes you have negative emotions that simply linger. And no matter how happy you get, those underlying, lingering negative emotions seem to creep their way back into many of your experiences. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to feel positive at all because of that emotionally wounded foundation within. This workbook will help shake up that negative emotional foundation so that the good feelings can start to become the new background in your life.  

Honor Yourself Workbook

Personal boundaries are what you will and won’t accept in your life. You’re supposed to let only safe people in, and keep the unsafe people out. Honoring yourself is like protecting your emotional castle so that those who don’t honor you honoring yourself can’t get inside where you are most vulnerable. This workbook will help you get to a new understanding about your personal boundaries, and what you can do to start honoring them right away. 

eliminating emotional triggers workbook cover

Eliminate Emotional Triggers Workbook

If you’ve ever found yourself getting emotionally triggered by people or situations, this hefty workbook will not only teach you about how your triggers form, but also what you can do to get beyond them altogether. No need to continue walking around in that continuously triggered, underlying upset anymore! It’s going to take some effort on your part, but it will be worth it. Lots to ingest at 47 pages.

Stop Self-Sabotage Workbook

Stop Self-Sabotage! Workbook

End the cycle of self-destruction and bad decisions so that you can start creating the life you want instead of having life unfold into mess after mess. This 8 page workbook is a bestseller and will help you learn how to align your choices with what’s most important to you in every major area of your life. 

Stop Anxiety Workbook

Stop Anxiety! Workbook

Your escape plan to end the worry about unresolved problems. If you have problems that just don’t seem to go away, what can you do? What if there is no solution? This 24 page workbook is designed to get you out of the loop of repetitive, destructive thinking.

How to Deal with Irrational People Cover Medium

How to Deal with Irrational People

Learn specific techniques to communicate with, and calm down the irrational people in your life. I talk about the unique methods I use when it comes to bringing an irrational person back to a calmer, more reasonable state.

After many years of coaching clients and working with people who’ve gotten a little out of control, I’ve picked up quite a bit. You’ll love the book – it’s a quick read, and you’ll learn tools for life.


Clear the Path to Happiness

Happiness occurs naturally when you clear all the obstacles blocking it. This book outlines the steps you can take (which aren’t always easy) to reveal and enjoy happiness in your life.

Read the book that reviewers have called an “Outstanding road map to happiness” and a “Fabulous personal development book for people who think for themselves”.

Addendum to Episode 262: Loosening the Emotional Grip Problems Have on You

This is the addendum to episode 262 with questions and steps designed to help you break apart problems so they don’t have such a firm grip on you.

Addendum to Episode 264: The Phobia of Commitments and Making Decisions

This is the addendum to episode 264 with questions and steps designed to help you dissipate your fear of commitments and making decisions.

Reference of Emotions

This is one of the worksheets that come with the M.E.A.N. Workbook to help you identify the emotions you’re experiencing. You can use this for any purpose, not just emotionally abusive relationships. It can be helpful to have a list to help you label what’s going on inside of you.